As I have begun this journey towards podcasting over the past year I have had the same questions asked of me time and time again. I'm gonna answer these three questions for you here, and also let you know how you can listen to my new podcast that was released a few weeks ago and as of this week is up on itunes!

#1 – What is a podcast?

According to the dictionary a podcast is a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player, typically available as a seriesmerchan. (I have no idea what that last word means!) – Basically it's an audio file that you listen to whenever you want! The first podcast I remember listening to was This American Life by NPR. You subscribe to a certain podcast and whenever they add a new one it's automatically added to your listening device.

#2 – Why do I want to make a podcast?

When I worked at the radio station I really fell in love with this audio world. Not the technical side, but yet the talking side. So I have been dreaming about doing this forever and finally I did it a few weeks ago. My first two don't even have music. They are so unpolished and I make so many mistakes, but I'm doing it. I'm moving forward with it and hopefully I'll get better with each one.

I want my podcast to be funny, encouraging, inspiring, enlightening, women connecting to other women, moms feeling validated, women cheering each other on. I want it to bring a smile to your face and stir conversations between you and your girlfriends. We'll talk about silly stuff and serious stuff, stupid tv shows, our favorite books, what we're doing with parenting, or anything else that we want to!

#3 – How can I listen to your podcast?

Well, I'm super glad you asked that. Each week I'll post the podcast on my blog, so you can listen to it that way from your computer, or even better is that you can go directly to itunes and subscribe or to Sticher and subscribe to the podcast and then each time a new one goes up it automatically is delivered to you. You don't have to ever download one again, they automatically show up!

I would LOVE it if you would consider subscribing to my podcast and telling your friends about it. Then after you listen, I'd really love it if you left a review/rating/comment. It really helps people find my podcast and gives it credibility as well. If you know someone you think I should have on as a guest, let me know that as well!

Here are the podcasts that I listen to in case you are interested in any more podcasts:

Inspired to Action – She does a GREAT job of encouraging moms and I highly recommend this show!

Verge Women – This is created by my friend Fabs and I have been blessed to be a guest with her on these first shows. Verge Women exists to call women to treasure God, trust His words and live un-wasted lives.  You will really be blessed by these, I promise!

NPR TED Radio Hour – super interesting stories.

The Big Boo Cast – This podcast is hosted by Melanie Shankle & Sophie Hudson. These two friends crack me up. It's like sitting in on two friends chatting.

This American Life – You will love this!  A new story each week.

Relevant Podcast – From the creators of Relevant magazine – enough said.

If you have some you love, I'd love to know about them!

If you have never listened to a podcast, you should give it a try. I listen to podcasts when I work out, and sometimes in the morning after I drop the kids off at school. It's like a great morning show without any music or commercials. Enjoy!

Jamie Ivey