Have you ever wanted to start your own podcast?

I remember in 2013 when I was dreaming of starting my own show. I was so afraid of all of the things! Afraid of technology, afraid of microphones, afraid of failing, afraid of not knowing what to say. AFRAID!

If you are feeling that, I get it. I have been there too!

I think that’s why I so passionately want to help you chase your dream of starting your own podcast. If I can start a podcast from my dining room table using my Apple wired Earpods  then I think you can too! ❤️ Jamie

When I started my show, The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, in 2014 I had literally ZERO CLUE about what I was doing. It was all trial and error. I watched YouTube videos and hoped I could figure it out. I wish I would have had someone like me now to help me out!!

That’s why I want to help YOU chase that dream of yours. The dream that you think about all the time, but worry you don’t have what it takes. I know you have what it takes!

we want to help you

Here’s the best part! I have some of the best ladies in the business also helping me to help you! Lyndsey Sweeney and Angie Elkins join me to bring you the only course you need to start your own podcast.

In the course you will learn…

Effectiveness of podcasting
Help with a timeline from creating to launching

Guidance on artwork, gear, & recording space

How to put together an episode

The basics of editing

Understanding why you need a trailer

Where to release your podcast

Alright, friend. I truly do believe in you and your dreams. I believe that the world needs to hear your voice and that what you have to say matters. I would be honored if you would let me and my team guide you in your journey toward becoming a podcaster! We think you can do it!