I'm interrupting my vacation to share this with you. You all know that I have screwed something up on iTunes and can't get it to update with my new podcasts, and so the only way to listen to them is right here on this site. Well, no good news there, it's still messed up.

BUT I'm on STITCHER now. I just recently learned about Stitcher, but it's radio on demand where you can listen to your favorite podcast and radio shows streamed directly to your smartphone or iPad. You just download the app and set it all up and wha-la the shows show up in your Stitcher app. You can even create playlists. Sounds dandy to me!

So … head on over there now and download it for your phone and then subscribe to THE HAPPY HOUR. Please? I know you are loving the podcasts, so why not subscribe to them? Then when I figure out dang iTunes (anyone want to help me?!?!) I'll let you know and that will be available too.

Thanks friends! ¬†Happy Friday …. now I'm off to the beach ….