Thank you so much for joining The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey as our guest.

This show was created with the purpose of encouraging women, inspiring women to do great things, and pointing them to Jesus. I invited you to join me on the show because I am certain that our conversation will do just that!

Currently, The Happy Hour podcast is getting over 350k downloads per month. That isn't a brag, but an exciting honor for you and I as we share our conversation with so many women. The show is very conversational and you don’t need to stress over prepping for our “interview”. Just imagine you and I sitting down for coffee and what would we talk about!

We'd love to get some information before you come!

I've developed a short question form as a way for me to see what’s going on in your world as a starting point to where the conversation might naturally flow. The better you answer them, the better the conversation will flow. I also want you to feel comfortable, so let’s talk about things you love!

If you have never listened to the show, I encourage you to check out an episode to get a feel for how the interview flows and the fun with have on The Happy Hour!

I can not wait to chat with you, girlfriend!