Our friends the Livesay's have an urgent prayer request and need that they've posted on their blog.  If you don't know, they have a little boy named Moses that has been living with them for a while now.  When Aaron was in Haiti a few weeks ago he had the privilege of meeting him and he raved about Moses.


*Photo used with permission from LIVESAY blog.

Tara writes this on her blog:

Someone out there reading this will become Mommy and Daddy to a very special little boy.

Wherever you are, whoever you are, I want you to know that we've been praying for you.

We're praying for your clear discernment to move forward. We're praying for your courage.  We're praying for your strength and endurance. We are praying for financial provision. We're praying your son will be with you soon. We're praying God gives you everything you need to be parents to this wonderful and deserving little guy.

We won't stop praying.

Our goal with this blog entry is to have one post with all of the information that is currently available about sweet Moses.  We're asking you to share this on adoption groups, Facebook, blogs, Twitter and anywhere you think that potential adoptive parents might be reading.


On her blog she tells Moses entire story and explains what will happen next to him.  I urge you friends to go and read her entire post and pray for Moses.  Maybe you are his parents.  Maybe God has been pressing him on your heart already.  Maybe God has been tugging at your heart about a little boy in Haiti with some special needs that needs a mommy and a daddy.


Please pray for him.  Pray for the Livesay's as they say good-bye on Friday to this sweet little boy that they have all grown to love so much.  I understand that pain so well after having Fedna here with us a few years ago.



Jamie Ivey