Can I just brag and say that I think I have the cutest kids in the entire world.  Gosh I love these kids.  Oh yes they drive me crazy a lot and I just might be counting down the days until school starts, but I am so in love with all four of my babies!


These are my cuties on our way to church last week.  I didn't even realize until we got there but they all have headbands on.  So stinking cute!

This week at my parents I broke a rule that I said I would NEVER EVER break, and I was really talked into it by my parents.  I swore that I would never let my kids ride in the back of a truck if I could help it.  We were heading to the pool and Pops said we could ride back there and the kids got so excited.  I said no of course because that is a huge rule of mine.  Then Pops promised he would go SO SLOW and Nana reassured me that we would be okay.  So I folded.  We did it and they thought it was so stinking cool.


While I was out of town at my parents my giveaway ended.  Tonight after I got the kids in bed and the madness was subdued until morning time I sat down to pick a winner! I am so excited for the winner …….. CARIN M. Yippee!   Email me and I'll get you in touch with Pitter Patter Art to claim your prize!  Congrats!


I hope that you enjoy your bracelet and all of you peeps that didn't win …. You tried hard and you should go buy whatever it is you wanted from PITTER PATTER ART.  You won't be let down!

Jamie Ivey