It's just another manic Monday … that's what I'm feeling about today. I just sat down to watch Nashville (I'm in season 2, episode 8) and I thought I'd share a few things on my mind today. First off, this show … Aaron says it's just a night time soap opera. I'm starting to think he's right. And yet, I can't stop.

Also I can't stand watching it with him because he points out every time someone is lip synching, and honestly it doesn't matter to me. I'd actually like to think they are all singing and the whole show is exactly how it seems.

What I do love is this new gelato that we discovered this weekend. Up until Saturday I would have said that I hated gelato, and then this happened. We all loaded up the car around 9pm and headed to this new store up the road from us that is basically an up scale gas station for some ice cream treats. They have dairy free options, so it's perfect for Story. The boys all chose some awful cone thing with probably 100,000 fake ingredients, Story got dairy free strawberry gelato, and Aaron picked up this pistachio gelato. I knew in my mind I didn't like gelato, but sometimes I'm just nice like that and let him choose! Anyhow … this gelato is amazing and made right here in Austin. I may or may not have eaten half of the container tonight all by myself while watching Nashville.


And maybe I am more than normal in need of this late night snack because I felt like a stinking taxi service today. Home to Football. Football to Home. Home to Football. Football to Home. Home to Hair Salon. Hair Salon to Home. Home to Cayden's bible study. {Then Maudie's because I was not going home again} Cayden's Bible Study to Home. THEN MY BUTT ON THE COUCH.

As crazy as all that driving was today, I do enjoy my kids involved in things. I've always been the mom excited about the teenage years, and although we aren't even there yet, I'm starting to get a taste of the constant shuttling of kids around.

I mean how cute is this kid who was so excited for football camp today:


My sweet Deacon loves football, and he has been looking forward to the Colt McCoy football camp all year long. A few weeks ago we were at the McCoy's having dinner and when we got home I was tucking Deacon in he said he couldn't wait to tell everyone at camp that he had dinner at Colt's house. I told him that's called dropping names, and sometimes people aren't too keen on that. He didn't get it, but I thought it was so cute that he was so excited to be at the camp of someone that he knows.

On the way to camp this morning we stopped at Einstein brothers for some nutritious breakfast, because you can never have enough chocolate chip bagels in your life (Deacon, not me) right?! As we were walking out the lady behind the counter leaned down to Deacon and said, “I know this will probably embarrass you, but you are the cutest thing I have ever seen!”. Deacon smiled and said thank you and we walked out. When we got to the car I asked him if that did embarrass him and without skipping a beat and with the most serious tone he said, “Nah that happens all the time.”

My humble little name dropping boy is such a cutie!

All of that was fun and crazy today, but tonight a moment happened at home that brought me to tears as a momma.

Cayden and I got into a fight. It's nothing worth sharing, except the fact that we were both upset with each other. I blew it, and he had the guts to call me out on it. I was super defensive at first, and just as God promised, the Holy Spirit moved and my heart was softened, my defense was brought down, and my ears were actually listening to him, and not just declaring my authority over him. Lots of apologies were handed out. Forgiveness was showered on to each other, tears and hugs granted by all.

It was a moment that although we fought through, I felt closer to him after, and was able to actually share the gospel with him as well. We prayed together and thanked God for his forgiveness to us when we sin against him.

Then I let him do something that he shouldn't have been able to do because he had gotten in trouble. He came back out to the kitchen and looked at me and said, “I feel so bad because I don't deserve this after I yelled at you. You are being so nice to me, and I don't think I deserve it.” In that moment I shared the truth of God's love for us. That after he forgives us we don't have to feel shame for what we did. That we get to hold our heads high, walk in the forgiveness that's freely given us, and move on. Not because we're awesome, but because HE IS AWESOME towards his children.

We hugged. I told him how much I love him, and that what happened earlier is in the past. As I devoured my pistachio gelato I reflected on how many times I have received forgiveness from God, and yet I still feel as though I can't look at him, don't deserve his goodness, and especially don't deserve his love. My love for Cayden never changed, my forgiveness was real, and that's the same with our Father.

Pistachio gelato plus the reminder of God's never ending love and forgiveness towards me is just what I needed today. Moments like this tonight make me love God more and need him more all in the same breath.