When Valentine's Day rolled around Aaron stated on twitter what he thought about it.  I think he might have used the word stupid a few times.  🙂

The best thing that ever happened to me on Valentine's Day was getting engaged to my man on that day back in 2001! All other Valentine's come and go like regular ole' Tuesdays.

Aaron and I did not go out on Valentine's this year.  In fact I'm pretty certain we had a quick dinner and then took the 3 cutest kids ever to basketball practice.  That was our night of love!  We don't really celebrate Valentine's Day.

The thing is though …. my love brings me flowers all the time!  Men if you just get your lady flowers on Valentine's day you are missing it!  EVERY single time Aaron goes grocery shopping with the boys he comes back with flowers for me.  EVERY SINGLE TIME.  I imagine he lets them pick them out and they all get to bless mommy with pretty flowers!

We date each week.  We don't just go out and get alone on Valentines, Anniversarys and birthdays.  We take time each week to be alone and date each other.  Honestly that is one of the #1 things that keeps this momma to four little kids going through the week.

So …. men out there – Do not wait around for the next holiday to take care of your woman.  Do it today.  Go out to get gas and come back with flowers.  Put the kids to bed and pull out a bottle of wine, two glasses and put on your favorite show for a date night at home (I love this one!).  Surprise your wife with a lunch date in the middle of the week for no reason at all.  Take all the kids to the park so she can be in the house alone.  Get up early to take all the kids to school so she can sleep in.  Go buy yourself a new shirt for work and come home with a special necklace for her.

Enough about that … Hope your Sunday is fabulous!  Now I'm back to enjoying my pink tulips that are sitting on my table right now …. oh I LOVE my man!

Jamie Ivey