I have an amazing opportunity for you guys!  I'm so excited to share this with you!  Have you ever wanted to go to a camp with your family?  Remember how awesome camp was as a kid, well imagine a camp set up just for families.  It is amazing.  Aaron and I went last year and honestly my kids talk about family camp ALL THE TIME.  It was their most favorite thing they did all summer long.  So, Pine Cone is offering my readers, that's YOU, a great discount for family camp next summer.  First let me tell you about why I love family camp and then I'll tell you about the great discount for your family!

Family camp at Pine Cove is a way for our family to get away and truly get away.  The internet didn't work, there weren't any tourist stops to visit, and we had great family time, alone time and couple time.  What else could you ask for?!

Pine Cove strives to make your family have the most restful time during the week, all while truly enjoying each other, and growing in your walk with the Lord and as a family.  From a mom's standpoint, here are my high points:

  • I didn't do one dish the entire week (funny how that's #1)
  • I was able to enjoy meal time with the kids w/out serving or still in the kitchen while they ate
  • Aaron and I were able to have alone time throughout the week each day
  • I witnessed my children tackle some big obstacles on the ropes course
  • I saw my children being taught the same truths we teach at home by some amazing counselors

Each day the kids spend time with their counselors while mom and dad spend time with other adults.  My kids LOVED this time.  Deacon literally would run to his class each day and not even tell us bye!  The counselors truly loved my children and were complete servants to our family for the week.

For me one of the things that I loved about the counselors, is that they get to pour into my kids 110% each day.  Let's be honest, sometimes as moms we lose our umph by about 11:36 AM each day during the summer.  The counselors are “on” all day long and our kids benefited from that so much.  Amos loved the extra attention and seriously lost it when we drove away because of how much he loved his group and his counselor.

My kids were able to try some great new things and it was so fun to be there with them to do that!  A moment I'll never forget was standing on the ground cheering for Cayden as he climbed up to the top of the tower to do the zip line.  He was so  nervous and just earlier in the day his younger brother, Amos, had done this with his class.  Now it was family free time and he was determined to do it.  Aaron and I cheered and gave him thumbs up as he climbed to the top.  The counselors were so supportive in cheering for him and then he got to the top and he lost it.  He got to the top and couldn't do it.  We were cheering.  His brothers were cheering.  The counselors were encouraging and even prayed and he started crying.  I stood at the bottom as my heart broke.  He wasn't going to do it.  He was crying.  I was crying.  He never did the zip line, but he tried.  That moment of him at the top trying his best to be strong, and us at the bottom cheering will forever be etched in my brain.  I'm so thankful that he was able to try this new experience with us.  We were with him.  I pray next summer I get to be there when he finally does it!

Deacon and Amos both did the zip line.  It was so fun to experience this with my kids!

Family Camp was also a time for Aaron and I to reconnect each day.  Every time Aaron and I go out of town together we always talk about how we can come back as better parents.  We usually talk about our highs and lows of parenting, and resolve to do things better when we get home.  Those conversations are easier to have in moments when we are away from our kids.  At family camp it's as if we are able to think about these things all while being with our kids.  The stress of life is gone, and so you only have one thing to focus on and that is YOUR FAMILY.  The stress of meal time is gone.  The stress of what to do on vacation is gone.  The stress of needing to be alone with Aaron while on vacation for a week with the kids is gone.   There's no meal time stress.  There is so much to do at camp with your family and there is alone time built in for you and your spouse.

While at Pine Cove Family Camp they want families to connect with each other.   You start each day with family devotion, and that was great for us.  Although sometimes my kids were not to excited about being at family devotion and would have rather been at the pool, we still see how God used those times to point our kids towards him.  Pine Cove strives to give parents some great alone time as well.  During the week the parents get a date away from camp during the day while their kids are with their groups, and there are two dinners set up at night that are just for adults!  Aaron and I appreciated the alone time that was built into family camp!

This past year we went to CRIER CREEK which is in Columbus, Texas and they also have camps in Tyler, Texas.  The camp was beautiful and I truly felt like I was away from all the cares of the world.  The food was fabulous (I know you were thinking it was gross camp food – no way!), the lodging was amazing, the pool was just like a resort, and the scenery is unbelievable.  Aaron and I even went on  a cattle round up and it was one of our favorite things all week long!

So …. here's the good stuff.  You made it this far reading what I loved about camp last year, so let me tell you what Pine Cove wants you to get from me.  Pine Cove is offering YOU $250 off any available camp for summer 2013.  Wait, did you read that?  $250 OFF your week!  Amazing!  All you need is this coupon code DREAMINGBIG and it is good until 12/31.  So, you need to start thinking about next summer NOW!

You also need to know that Pine Cove offers financial aid to all those in need.  Last year they gave away over a million dollars in scholarships.  Y'all they want families to experience this!  Another way that Pine Cove is committed to helping families getting to Pine Cove is that they have applied a $750 discount to week 10 & 11.  Yes, you read that right.  If you sign up for weeks 10 & 11 you already get a $750 discount and then you use my coupon code of DREAMINGBIG and you get another $250 off.  Yes my friends, you did the math right, that's $1000 off.  Thank you Pine Cove.

So, there are 11 different weeks to chose from and 3 different camp locations to chose from, 1 in Columbus and 2 in Tyler.  If you would love to have a great family vacation where everyone is happy, this is a great vacation for you!  Kids are loved on and taken care of.  You are spending great time with your family, and alone time with your spouse as well.  All while not lifting a finger in the kitchen!  You see it comes back to the kitchen for me all the time!!

Check out Pine Cove and see if this is something that your family would love to experience.  If so, use the coupon code by 12/31 and get $250 automatically off of your week.  Don't forget about financial aid and the discounted weeks 10 & 11.  Maybe I'll see you next summer at camp!

*All pictures are from the Pine Cove website and were taken at Crier Creek Camp 2012

Jamie Ivey