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Usually about once a week Amos asks me how much longer until Family Camp.  I kid you not.  I have thought about making a countdown chart, but for the love we're still about 3.5 months away from this epic summer event.

My kids LOVED family camp, and as a momma it makes me so happy that my kids love something, especially if it involves our whole family and them learning about God.

Pine Cove was one of the best things we have ever done as a family and I can not recommend it enough to other people.  They way that the counselors love my children is priceless, the way that the counselors love and serve the parents is amazing.

Last summer my kids were super blessed and also attended a camp that was just for kids for a whole week.  They loved every minute of it, but when asked if they would rather do family camp or a camp just for kids they all screamed for family camp.  Y'all one day my kids will not be as into family camp, and because of that we are heading back to family camp again this summer.

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I told you last Fall about a discount code that they were offering, and while that ended 12/31, I do have another discount code for you if you are still deciding on whether or not this is for your family.

Pine Cove offers family camp in two different locations – Tyler & Columbus, Texas.  We have plenty of friends that do family camp in Tyler, but we've opted for Columbus because it is so close to Austin!  Right now there is still availability for a few weeks at both of these camps.

Here's the discount:  If you sign up for BLUFFS (Tyler) week 8 or CRIER CREEK week 1 you can save $200 if you use the code DREAMBIG when checking out.

If none of those work, there are still openings at BLUFFS week 11 and that doesn't need a coupon and you get $750 off – that's not a typo!  That week is discounted and you should take advantage of it!

Maybe you don't want to do family camp (although you should really try!) but you just wanted to send your kids away for a week (oh dear Lord do I get this!!) and wanted to try out Pine Cove.  They still have spots available and you can use the same code DREAMBIG to save $25 per overnight camper.

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I know that camp is expensive and even more when you are taking you whole family.  Don't worry, they offer great financial aid and you can always apply first to see what you can get, then make your decision.  Remember, this is an investment in your family.  There are tons of other vacations we can do with our kids, but this is one that is perfect for our whole family!

Here's are a few blogs I've written on Pine Cove where you can see pictures and get more info on camps:

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So, head on over now and at least check out the website.  You might find that this is perfect for your family this summer.  They have stuff for every age group, and lots of time where you can interact with your whole family, and lots of time for you to just interact with your hubby as well!

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I'd love to hear if you are already going to Pine Cove and which week you will be there for.  Who knows, we might be there the same time!  If you are going this summer for the first time I want to know as well!  Leave me a comment and let's get to know each other!