We had the best week at Family Camp this past week.  I had never heard of family camp before a few years ago, but I'm so glad I know now.  Pine Cove Camps has lots of youth camps and they also have family camps, which is just what is says … camp for families.  Last year was our first year and to be honest, we were a little apprehensive.  I mean I love camp, but I couldn't imagine doing it for a week with all my kids.

photo 4-1

{I had plans for an awesome family picture perfect for Christmas cards and one of our kids was scared of the sparklers!}

BUT …. here's the kicker.  It is so relaxing because the counselors are amazing and try to have you do as little work as possible.  They take care of your kids.  They help you at meal times.  They will even come to your cabin in the early morning so you  can go out and get coffee together in the morning with no children.  It is glorious.

Also they give the adults plenty of free time during the day as well, which mean I had plenty of time to lay by the pool and read a book.  It was glorious.

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A few of my favorite things about family camp are:

1.  Watching my kids worship.  That is something I don't get to do often, and we for sure don't get to worship together as a family very often and that was so awesome for me to see.   They ran into club to get on the very front row and they danced and sang their hearts out.  I love seeing my kids have nothing holding them back when singing.

2.  Seeing my kids try new things and accomplish them.  Cayden tried to wake board last year and barely made it up.  He gave up after one try and didn't like it.  This year Deacon went first and that kid got up on his first try.  I was so proud.  Then Cayden went and I was super nervous that he wouldn't get up again and would hate it, but oh no he got up on the first try and loved it.  I also saw Deacon conquer a huge fear when him and I did the power pole together.  Wow, that was scary and amazing!


{We made it to the top!  It was a journey for us but we did it!}

3.  I don't have to cook.  I do not need to explain that at all, because you know my hatred towards cooking.  I never cooked once or washed one dish.  It was glorious.

4.  Aaron and I got great alone time.  We walked around the lake and talked.  We went on a date to Royer's in Round Top.  We spent time at the pool reading.  For us family camp is about relaxing with each other and not having any deadlines, or meetings to worry about.

5.  Riding horses.  Last year we did the cattle drive and it was so much fun riding on the horses and herding the cattle.  Although I'm not certain I did much herding, I just enjoyed going faster on the horses instead of just walking along the trail.  This year we did the breakfast cattle trail again and it was glorious.  You ride your horse out to a field where they have prepared a cowboy breakfast, which basically is breakfast tacos and the best bacon you can dream of and strong coffee.  I actually felt like a cowgirl this year because I wore my boots.  It doesn't take much for me.  I decided I would love a ranch with horses.  But I would need someone to take care of them because I don't have a clue, I just want to ride them whenever I want and comb their hair.  I could do that.

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{I could do the cowboy life I just know it!}

Now we're back and I think we're all kinda walking zombies because we are so tired.  It's good because that means we played hard.  My kids stayed up late each night and went 100% all day long.  They loved it!  Family Camp at Pine Cove for 2013 was a huge success!  Thanks Pine Cove for loving on families so well!  Your ministry is amazing.