So, I was recently going through my iphoto and there are lots of pictures that need to be deleted.  Pictures that will one day become blackmail.  Pictures that make the people look awful.  Pictures that should not be published for the world to see.  So here they are:

Yeah apparently Cayden wasn't ready for the picture and had to pee.


I swear Cayden will hate me one day for this one.  He was dressing up like a girl and even put a towel on to be his long “girl” hair.  Oh honestly he will hate me for this.


this is what Story did when I told her no more goldfish after she hadn't eaten her weight in them:


Story apparently climbed in and did this to herself when Kim & Philip were watching her, but I'm still not sure I believe that!


Not sure why I thought it would be a good idea for me to sit this way for a picture, or put my hand there for a picture, or …. what the heck happened here?


There you go.  Random pictures of Cayden, Story and I that should be deleted FOREVER.