Well for the few of you that care I am finally uploading some pictures of our patio that I took today!

Aaron spent today picking out patio furniture and putting it together for us. He had great help from two little boys!
Who had any clue that patio furniture was so expensive. Oh my goodness is what I have to say to that. We found some cheap stuff at Big Lots and actually it looks great even though it was the cheapest we could find! 🙂 I love it and it is perfect for us. We bought a big umbrella to go on the top and Aaron bought some lights to go all around the inside as well. I LOVE IT! He also bought some lights to go on the fence and we'll eventually get more to go around further on the fence. That will look awesome! He bought some flowers and a fern (maybe that is what it is!???) to hang on the fence too.

Here are the steps leading from the back porch to the new patio!

We spent all afternoon playing in the sand box with the new sand since we let the old sand get GROSS! The boys played with their car and we brought the “garage toy box” out to the back and it has a new home on the back porch. 🙂 It was a perfect night for us. Aaron cooked a fabulous dinner (as usual) and we all ate outside around the new table with the lights on, the candles burning, the fire going, and lots of laughter from little boys.

It was a perfect night and I know that our family will spend most nights outside around our new table enjoying the outoors! The night ended on a great note with the boys in their bed “reading” books. We snuck up and got this picture of them being good, good boys!