I thought I would go back and show some recent pictures!

I took this picture b/c I think it is so funny how different my boys are. When it is time for bed Deacon always wears long shirt and pants for jammies. He can not stand to be cold! Cayden wears almost nothing and always has something random on, like in this picture he has on an old shin guard. The other night he slept with snow goggles on. I love these boys!


The boys and I recently went to a family reunion. It was good to see Pops, cousin Porter, Uncle Jordan, Mimi and many other relatives!

Getting a picture where all three boys were looking at the same time was nearly impossible!


Pops, Jordan and the boys while playing golf!


Cousins – Cayden, Porter & Deacon – next summer there will be THREE more cousins!


When my mom was here last weekend we took the boys to the InnerSpace Caverns in Georgetown. They liked it and it was a fun family event!



Mom, the boys and I in the cave somewhere under I35!


Then last week the boys and I met Adrianne and her boys at the Austin zoo. Fun times! The kids loved it and we enjoyed talking while we walked around. We got there at 10 and were on our way home by noon!



Then this past Wed our friends Jack & Mabry came into town to visit us! The kids had so much fun playing and it is always good to see my BFF Amy! John joined us on Thursday and we had fun hanging out then!


It was a great week with lots of time with friends and family! We'll see what happens this week!

Jamie Ivey