Today I got some pictures from a fabulous photographer that was at the airport when Story came home back in October.  Oh how I love these pictures.  I look at them and the memories come crashing back on me from that day.  My baby girl was so sick and I was so scared that I should have taken her to the hospital in Miami and didn't.  I was worried that I was making bad decisions.  She seemed so sick, but I desperately wanted her to be at Children's in Austin.

I look back at these pictures and I see a very sick and scared little girl.  My daughter is not the same person she is in these pictures.  She is happy with us.  She is safe and secure and loves us all so much.  She is healthy and has put on a few pounds.  🙂  Aaron and I were talking about the change in Story and we both wondered out loud how Amos will be 3 months from now.  We are praying and hoping for the same changes we've seen in Story.

Here are a few pictures from only 3 months ago.  Gosh it seems like FOREVER ago, but only 3 months!

IMG_0244_highres copy

IMG_0251_highres copy

IMG_0257_highres copy

IMG_0259_highres copy

*I love this sweet little boy at the bottom – Adrianne  I love it!

IMG_0281_highres copy

IMG_0310_highres copy

IMG_0333_highres copy

IMG_0325_highres copy

Jamie Ivey