We have had so much fun this week. Here is a picture of Aaron and the boys before he left on Sunday. They love their daddy so much and can't wait to see him tonight!

We spent Monday at the splash park and saw Kelly, Tamara and Shellie and their kids there. Big Boy had so much fun playing with all the kids! It is so funny because Little Boy likes the water and Big Boy barely got his feet wet the whole time we were there! They are so different! I had my camera that day but was too busy chasing kids in and out of the sprinklers to get any pics! Next time I will.

Then we spent Tuesday at the park with our friends, Blake, Logan, Carrie, Savanah, and Allison. Big Boy had so much fun! Here he is with two of his favorite buddies from school! How cute are these boys!!!

Big Boy has been dieing to wear these shoes all summer long. Aaron won't let him b/c they reallly don't look all that great with shorts but when daddy is away mommy makes the rules!!!! He loves these shoes and calls them his “silly black shoes”!!! I am really just posting this picture so that Aaron can see how I'm running things around here when he is gone!

My two favorite little boys in the whole world!

Here are two of my best girl friends. I love these girls for all that they mean to me in my life and I love them because they both love my boys so much. It is so great to have friends that love your kids. It makes you like your friend more!!!

On Wed we went swimming at our friend Emily's house. How cute is she!

As we all know Big Boy is not a fan of the water, but as you can see he was ready at any moment just in case he went in! He had a life jacket on (which I have now bought on of these in hopes that he'll get in more!), floaties and gogles. He was cracking me up. Finally another girl there got him in the water to kick his feet around. Otherwise he was just happy on the steps. Little Boy on the other hand would drown if you weren't sitting right next to him. He is not diving in or anything, but he'll step right off the step and get up and do it again! I love how different they are and it always cracks me up!

Today we met Becca and her boys, Jonah and Eli, at Chick-fil-A and the kids played and loved it so much. My boys love to play with J & E and it is always fun to catch up with Becca as well.

So, now the hubby will be home in about 3 hours and I have much to do. FIx my hair, put up laundry, make the bed, clean dishes, and vacum upstairs. I learned a while back that Aaron loves to come home to a clean house. Problem with that is that I hate to clean. So I usually walk around spraying Lysol and Pine Sol and he thinks I am the “perfect wife”!!!!