I've been a little behind with pictures on here.  I know some of you could care less, but I do have a few family members that this is how they keep up with the kids!  So here are some pics ….

Three of the kids and I visited my parents and the kids loved playing putt-putt at the camp.  Or shall I say Deacon & Amos loved playing putt-putt and Story mostly cried that she wanted me to hold her or that she couldn't keep up with the boys!


I told you Amos always wears his apron!



Then we took the kids to the safari in Grapeland and had so much fun.  My mom and I were in tears the whole time b/c the kids were freaking out at the animals.  Amos and Story cried a lot, but as soon as the animals would walk off they were happy.  Story would be screaming and clawing her way to my lap and then when the animal would walk off she would say “i love the camel!”.  it was hilarious.

Here is the camel invading the sunroof!



Remember our old dog Max?  Yeah I got to go and see him!


We took the kids to a splash pad in The Woodlands with Kristen, Nana, Porter & Lilly




During this week Cayden was with Aaron at a Student Life camp and that's why he didn't get to go to any of these places wiht us!