Here are some pictures from the past week at camp.
Here are the kids and the sitters ….

One of the main reasons I go each year to Covenant is to see my sweet friend Callie. I love this girl. She is amazing and loves people and loves God and does a phenominal job for Student Life.

This is what we looked at each time we stepped out of our room. Isn't this lovely. If you can ever go and visit Lookout Mountain outside of Chattanooga it is very much worth it.

Here is Big Boy and his most favorite friend from the week! Now that we are home he is still asking if he is going to see his buddy today!

We went to the Aquarium with the Nolan's and had a blast. Here we were petting sting ray's and if we would not have been holding Little Boy he would have gone in with them. He is a maniac!

Our family in the butterfly exhibit.

Here we are with Big Boy at aquarium ….

Don't worry we didn't leave out Little Boy, he just did this through most of the exhibit!

The penquins were my favorite. Little Boy was so cute b/c he would kiss the glass every time one would swim by!

This is Sarah, the high school girl we took with us for the week to help out.

Checking out the fish!

How cute is this! Can't you just see a little NBA basketball player in the making!!!