Here's one of those picture update posts.  What that means to you as the reader is this ….

#1 If you aren't family you'll probably skip this post and move on to the next one in your reader #2 if you are family then enjoy!

I thought this was funny.  Amos couldn't find his hat for baseball so he borrowed mine.  It says, “I'd rather be in Haiti”.  Ha.  Not true for him.

The boys attended their first baseball camp with RBI Baseball and LOVED LOVED LOVED it!  I sure do hope I have at least one baseball player out of this bunch.

We have been to Royer's Cafe in Round Top twice in our lives and both of them were in the past month all in one week!  Great place and more importantly great people that run this place.  They are the real deal and love people, love making great food and love Jesus as well!  If you are driving in between Austin and Houston I highly recommend stopping in for a meal!

Paige and Austin got married!!!!

Bush and Maris welcomed Wyatt into the world!

The Round Rock Express sent more goodies for me to the station and my kids love them!!!

Here's how Deacon entertains himself while we are out to eat!

Bountiful Bakery & Cafe sent us some cookies to the station to celebrate Willie Nelson's concert that was this past weekend on his birthday!

The closest I'll get to ever kissing Willie!

Yesterday was the 2011 Kickball Tournament that some amazing ladies at our church put together.  We were out there ALL day long and had a great time.  Kids played and jumped in bounce houses and got their face painted.  Our “Aaron Ivey Band Team” was knocked out in the first round and it wasn't pretty!  Aaron sang the National Anthem at the championship game and I rolled out the first pitch!!!

I'm pretty certain that this red paint on Cayden's face might all be off by next Friday!

So there you have it …. TONS of pictures that I'm sure my mom is so happy to see!!!!  Hope your week is great and that May is a great month for you!  I'm looking forward to all that May will the Ivey family.  We have tons lined up.

My mom and Grandma are coming to visit, Aaron's on vacation, I'm heading to Fredricksburg with Amy, Aaron's heading to Spokane, our whole family's going to San Antonio and school is almost out!

Jamie Ivey