Sometimes I take pictures that I forget to put on here.  Mostly these are for grandparents and for my own feelings of being a good mom.  You know, scrap booking and stuff right here on the internet. Lovely.


These are in no particular order!


Our sweet Story turned FOUR on Thanksgiving day this year!  We had a small party for her with our family after we stuffed our beaks with food.  This might be the worst family picture of us ever.  Deacon is eyeing the cake, Story looks pissed, my eyes are closed, and Cayden's hair looks like it just got teased all over.  This won't be making the Christmas card this year!

We hosted SUPPER CLUB here last and this was my table setting.  To the common eye this is not very fancy, but to my eye this is fancy.  I mean I went all out.  I'm not crafty or decoratery (made up word!), so this is top notch for me!

Another fancy moment for me.  Throw some rosemary in some bottles and call it a center piece!

Oh now it looks like I'm bragging with all my fancy table decorations (um … sarcasm if you haven't caught on!) that I'm showing you.  This was something I added to the wine table.  🙂  A shadow box full of wine corks and then I set the glasses on there for our guest.  Oh my, I just took fancy to a new level.  🙂

Okay this was from July, but I never shared … my kids and my BFF, Amy's kids.  What a crew.


My boys were playing “Santa and his reindeer” yesterday.  Cracking me up!  What a creative game this was.  Obviously Cayden was Santa and he made his younger brothers pull him around as he yelled “HO HO HO” all afternoon.  Then they went and got Story's baby dolls and Cayden would throw them at her as he was dragged by rode by yelling “HO HO HO”.  Needless to say, Story did not like this game as her dolls were flying all over the backyard!

My sweet dad not sure who to go for during the A&M/UT game over Thanksgiving.  Don't let him fool you, I'm certain he just wears this hat when Jordan's around to not make him angry.  My brother is one of those crazy Aggie fans that swears he's not crazy.  You know the ones!  (love you Jordan!)


Lately Aaron's been making MEXICAN STREET CORN and I'm not lying it might be the best thing you will ever put in your mouth!  Ever.  No lie.

We first had Mexican Street Corn at La Condesa and Aaron just decided to create it himself.  Oh I love when he does this!  Don't tell the folks at La Condesa, but Aaron's is better.  It is good.  Real good.  Maybe I'll talk him into posting the recipe here!

Jamie Ivey