I have some more recipes to share with you!  I’ll share my favorite first:




I seriously could eat this 3x a day for a week and not be tired of it.  I want to encourage you to try vegenaise in this recipe.  I know it’s not probably something you have bought often, but it’s dairy free and really taste good.  I get mine at Sprouts and Whole Foods.  I made this at my moms house and she didn’t have vegenaise and honestly it wasn’t as good!  For real.  Give it a try!  If you are dairy and gluten free this is a fun recipe for you!!



Next is another one from the Vegan Stoner that I made this week for the kids and I while Aaron was out of town.  It’s really simple and my kids actually ate it.  Not all of them loved it, but they ate it (b/c that’s what we do at the Ivey house) and it had good stuff in there for them.  Cayden could have eaten the whole loaf had I let him!  Oh and we ran out of ketchup on night #2 of this meal and that makes a difference.  It’s super good with ketchup and that honestly helps some kids eat stuff that they don’t like that much!


LENTIL LOAF – for frozen veggies I used lima beans because that’s all I had.  I can see how peas and carrots would be good as well!


There are my two new vegan recipes for the week.  What did you try new this week?  A new food?  A new recipe?  A new cooking blog?  Tell me, I want to know!

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