I follow a blog that I wanted to tell you all about today.  These people have an organization that does stuff in Haiti.  I don't know these people, but I love following any story that has anything to do with Haiti!

I recently read a post on their blog that got me thinking about traveling to Haiti and anywhere that is poverty stricken for that matter.  Many times us Americans have it all figured out and try to go into a country and save them all!  A lot of times our strategies are foolish and very inconsiderate to say the least.  We don't know the culture and yet we go for 7 days and expect to change the world.  If I could guess, I bet that sometimes we leave the missionaries more stressed than when we arrived.  🙁

What do you think?  Have you ever been that tourist/missionary taking pictures of people without even asking just to capture the moment?  Have you ever tried to “witness” to people in other countries by scaring the hell out of them with your tactics?  I would be lying if I told you I have never been there done that.  I have learned lots over the past year from reading missionaries blogs and visiting Haiti twice myself.   l hope that I can travel to Haiti (or anywhere, but this is what is always on my mind) next time and realize that these people need to see Jesus too in me.  They need love from me.  I can't expect to go there for a week and change the country.  I can't expect to show up  and hand out some candy, clothes, evangelism tracts, distribute some bread and shoes and expect to change the world.  What I can do is travel there and assist the missionaries that are already there.  I can do what they think is best because they know the people there and know what they need.  Because when I leave in 7 days they will still be there to either clean up the mess us Americans have made, or continue the work that they have been doing that we came along side and helped with.

Go visit this blog and leave them some encouragement.

Jamie Ivey