Many people have said things to me like … “you are so wonderful” … “how do you do it” …. “i could never do that” … “you are an inspiration” …. while all those things are nice, I must say that most of you would do this too were the opportunity presented to you. I never had a second thought about doing this. A little girl needed me, I stay at home, I have time, so why would i say no. You would say yes too. I'm sure of it.

I'm not special. I appreciate all of your sweet comments and encouragement, but remember I have tons of crap in my life. I don't read my bible enough. I don't pray enough. I constantly battle want vs. need. I yell at my kids more than i would like to. I don't call my friends in TN enough. I just screw up lots. 🙂

But I'm learning. I've been on this journey for the past few years of living life for the fullest. I think this started when I went to Haiti for the first time in November of 2006. When I had children I just knew that my life was over. I knew mission trips were put on hold for at least 15 years. I mean who leaves her children that are 2 and almost 1 at home to go to Haiti for a week? Not normal moms. “Normal” moms stay home and take care of their kids. They don't go to another country to love on other kids. That's what I thought. Taking that LEAP of faith was life changing for me. I went to Haiti. I left my babies at home. The trip was SO hard for me. I was lonely. I was scared. I was afraid. BUT that trip changed my life. I made a decision then that I would not have my kids look back and not see their mom do anything in this world. I want my kids to see that no matter your life or your circumstances you can do stuff for others. I want them to know that their mom loved them so much that she took risks, she sacrificed her time, she sacrificed her life.

Now I'd be lieing if I said this has been easy. No, at times it's very hard. Leaving my kids four times this year to go to Haiti was hard. If you know me, you know I worry. Every time I get on that flight from Miami to Haiti I'm convinced that my flight will go right into the ocean and I'll die, leaving my kids without a mom because I had to go see my other kids in Haiti. I know rediculous, but welcome to my mind!!!

So, I wanted to leave you with people that inspire me. These people make me want to be a better person. These people exhibit Jesus through their actions and words.

Tina – does prison ministry. Please go read her most recent post. Rocked my world today. Talk about walking with someone through the hard times, that's what she does with her girls!

The Hall family – this family just adopted a lot of kids!!!

Nancy – this woman prays. And prays and prays. She is such an encouragement to me.

Tara & Troy – they rock my world. Living in a third world country with so many kids. They love people like Jesus loves people.

Lori – wow. Can't say enough about the people in Cazale. She literally saves peoples lives physically then tells them about how Jesus can save their live eternally. Her, her sister and dad have an AMAZING ministry there.

Licia – She saves kids lives. Tons of kids lives. She nurses them back to health and sends them back to their families. What a great model of Jesus in their village. The parents trust her with their own flesh and blood and she does all she can to save them and get them better. We are eternally grateful for her saving our sons life.

Heidi – Although I don't know her, she inspires me. Her and her hubby have 3 bio kids, 3 kids they brought home from Ethiopia last year and now they're adopting 3 more from Ethiopia! That equals 9 kids! Love their passion to give these children a family.

During a series at our church this fall they showed videos of people in our church doing big things in our community here and afar. I was blown away each week be the hearts of these people. Doing things that to me seemed out of my league and by far out of my comfort zone.


My church inspires me. The vision series rocked my world this past fall. Here's what we're about: