Heather had a little trouble with her original recipe and ended up bringing this one. I'm not sure what the other one was, but this sounds delicious and super easy. Great to do with kids!

1 mini-muffin pan
2 rolls PB Cookie Dough
2 packages Mini Reese's PB cups
*Makes 4 dozen cookies w/ a little dough leftover

Preheat Oven according to package directions.
Spray pan w/ non-stick spray
Put PB cups in freezer (this will keep them from melting as much when you put them in the cookie)

Roll dough into small balls (a little smaller than ping pong size) then flatten with palms of your hand.
Lay flattened dough into pans (cover the bottom but don't press into pan–this will make them harder to remove)
Bake 5-8m
Remove from oven.
Cool 5 minutes then gently press unwrapped PB cups into cookies
Let cookies cool completely before removing from pan.


Jamie Ivey