This past week our family was extremely blessed to be able to go to FAMILY CAMP at PINE COVE.  We were loved on as a family and had so much fun with our kids.  Aaron's gonna wrote more about it on his website soon!

Photo: Happy Olympics from @pinecovecamos!  Clearly Cayden is not happy about taking home the bronze!!!!


Now, I get the awesome privilege of washing all my kids clothes and packing them for another week of camp next week.  You like how I'm talking positive about the fun stuff that mom gets to do like laundry and packing!!!  Yes they are going to camp without mom and dad.  Tears.


I feel like last week was a great dress rehersal for what is to come next week.  My boys will be a bit more prepared for the craziness of camp now, and this time they don't have mom and dad to help them, or hinder them in their fun!  My kids are heading to CAROLINA CREEK in Huntsville and they'll be at THE WILD camp.  We have been counting down to this week for months.  They are so excited!  In May we went to the preview day and they had so much fun and it was another good way for them to be prepared for camp!


So … back to packing.  Here's a few things I learned this week:

1.  My obsession with packing their bags the right way was not noticed by them one bit, nor did they follow all my “rules” that I ensured them would make the week go smoother!  I packed every outfit in a ziplock bag.  That bag included a shirt, a pair of shorts, a pair of socks and a pair of underwear.  I'm thinking mom-of-the-year for doing this!  I found them pulling shirts from one bag and socks from another and my controlling-freak-out-mom-voice startled them into submission!  In all reality my boys could care less how I packed their bags.  I feel as though this bag thing was a lot of work for me, but it did ensure that most of the days they had on clean undies and socks.


2.  When you think you have enough undies and socks, pack some more.  Every kid ran out of both of these this past week.  The concept of putting the same underwear back on after you swam is not a thought 6 year old boys can have.  The thought of putting the same socks back on after swimming is another thought that just doesn't work in their brain.  This is where the stealing from one bag for some clean socks killed our system.  I will pack extra socks and undies for the boys this week and just pray to God that they wear clean underwear and socks.  Why is it anyways that that is our concern as moms?  No one prays they wear clean shirts!  Okay back to what I learned ….


3.  If a kid wets the bed (yes I have those still …. I'd love your advice, unless you are gonna say stop liquid at 5.  Yes we have done that, but for the love it's summer. They are always thirsty!!) and then they take that wet underwear and put it in their dirty clothes bag the entire bag will not only stink up the entire car, but the clothes will need to be washed on hot at least twice to get the stink out.  About the second time this happened I told them to use those ziplock bags that their mom was so smart to pack their clothes in for the wet stuff.  Yes, this kept the wet undies off the other clothes, but by the end of the week those things were trash.  So … help me out here.  If my kid does this next week when I'm not with him, what do I tell him to do?  I don't want him to be embarrassed, but I don't want pee stink all over his clothes either.  HELP?


4.  It's okay to wear the same shorts multiple days in a row.  Amos didn't like something I packed for him and he kept wearing the same shorts over and over again. I was grossed out.  Before I made it an issue I asked Aaron if he thought it was worth it (highly recommend talking to your spouse about what is and what isn't an issue – usually the other spouse has good outsider eyes!) and of course he said no, because he wears the same shorts for multiple days in a row.  So … don't stress over them wearing the same shorts two or maybe three days in a row.


5.  The best thing I did this weekend was that as I washed their clothes I folded them and put them right back in those zip lock bags.  Not the pee ones of course, those didn't get recycled, but the ones their clothes were in are being used again right now.  I'm thinking this will help me BIG time on Thursday when I'm packing for people going in lots of different directions.



Pack early.  Get zip lock bags.  Let it go when it doesn't work as you planned.

What's your advice for packing for your kids?  Anything I need to not forget to send in their bags when they go to camp?  Share all your wonderful knowledge with us!!