I'm just a tad bit behind in updating you about our house. As you know we are moved in and living here. As of this week I think all the boxes are completely unpacked except for everything in our bedroom, which for some reason has turned into the room where everything goes that doesn't have a home. Gotta love that! At least as of Saturday I now have a door on my room so we can shut it and don't have to think about it.

The girls above came over one night during the renovations and helped me clean. They were awesome and although we cleaned a little, I think we ended up sitting around the table talking more than we cleaned. That's what friends are for!

The kitchen with all the cabinets in and starting to look like a kitchen …


Aaron and Story working on the “secret hideout”.  Aaron cut a hole in the wall and it goes into the closet of the playroom.  This way they can go back and forth and party!


The kids enjoying pizza during the move!


Whenever we have a day where everything looks in order I'll be sure and take pictures to update each room.  So be looking for those in Spring of 2027!