My friends Chris & Tyson have a podcast called OUTSIDE THE BOX SCORE and last week they asked me to be a guest with them.  Their podcast is mostly about sports, but a lot about current events as well, as you can see below we ventured away from Sports a lot.  They might never ask me back again because of how much we ventured off topic!


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In our podcast we talked about

  • women's basketball
  • Dallas Cowboy's cheerleaders
  • they try and explain how the Master's work to me
  • whether or not professional athletes personal lives effect the way we cheer for them
  • Daniel Murphy's decision to miss the opening game for the Mets to be with his wife as she had their first child
  • Parenting and sports for your kids
  • Whether my 8 year should be able to play tackle football next year
  • me running in the Jr. Olympics
  • me working on the radio
  • Country music
  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Celebrity marriages and who is making it the longest
  • Scandal
  • Texas Tech's coach and the stanky leg competition
  • Kurt Cobain & what he might be doing now
  • What President we would want to have lunch with if we could
  • Lat Night show hosts – Fallon, Kimmel & Colbert
  • how Aaron and I fight

It was lots of fun and maybe they'll ask me back.  If you want to subscribe to their podcast go HERE and to listen from their website go HERE.  Enjoy!