If you haven't picked up on our big news yet here it is …. WE ARE MOVING! Yeap we are so excited about planting roots and getting where we are sure that God wants us. What a wonderful feeling to know that you are about to begin one of the hardest and biggest journeys of your entire life.

Over 6 months ago our friends that live in the neighborhood invited us and a few other couples over for dinner. They shared their hearts and how they were struggling living in their community without any other believers walking alongside them and doing ministry with them. They felt alone and needed community to serve this community. We left heartbroken for them and burdened to pray that God would send people to serve alongside them. We have always been open to St. John's, but never felt God yelling at us to plant there now.

Fast forward 6 months and Stew tells us about a duplex for sale on his street. Walking distance to his house. We love this family. My kids love their kids. We looked through the windows on a Tuesday night. Went and looked inside on Wed and on Friday we had a contract on the houses. Things started falling into place and we were very confident that God was moving all of this along for us in his timing. We were and are still amazed at how God has done all that he has for us to get us in this neighborhood.

St. John's is in central Austin and one of the poorest neighborhoods in Austin. Our church is in the midst of building a new building in this neighborhood that will be phenominal and do so much ministry. I have been involved in the local high school in this neighborhood for about a year with teen moms. We have good friends that live here. God is moving here and people are serving.

We never wanted to buy a house in St. John's to simply serve the needy, but beyond that…to be a part of the neighborhood.  To live amongst those that have needs has been something we've been drawn to for a while.  We feel like buying this house is about us planting roots and living long-term alongside our neighbors in community.  It won't be easy, but we want to serve our neighbors well and show them Jesus through our lives. We are scared, excited, happy, nervous and very prayerful about this upcoming change. I have felt God literally move mountains to get us in this house. We are praising him all along and begging him to continue to guide us and show us exactly what to do, where to serve and how to love his people well.

We have been doing lots of updates to the house and will continue to over the next 19 days. We move in on the 28th and so I hope to keep you updated along the way with the changes. I would also love decorating advice. I've been loving this website. And the White's showed me this one that I love. If you have any blogs about decorating or remodeling that you want to share with me, please do!

Our new house!


Aaron's new studio/office:


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