This weekend our family grew by one.  Oh my word we bought a dog!  Yes I have lost my mind.  I have four kids under the age of 7.  A dog.  A new house.  A new neighborhood.  Two kids in school.  So all I need is a dog!

This was not a spur of the moment decision though so that makes me feel better.  We've been wanting a bigger dog every since we moved into our new neighborhood.  We don't live in the best neighborhood and just wanted a dog that looked mean but wasn't really mean!  I also wanted a dog to run with when I run around the neighborhood.  I've always wanted a family dog that is big, loves our family, and can go and run with us!  A real American dream dog!

So, we have been searching for a bigger dog recently and found  a beautiful looking dog on Craig's List.  She is a 6 month old boxer and super duper cute!  We met her and her owners on Saturday and brought her home that same day.  I've already checked out our puppy obedience training at our local PetsMart.  Her and Carson are kinda getting along!  Carson is kinda not into playing and this new puppy wants to play all day long!

So, help us with a name!  They had named her Caja (Kah-ja) and we like the name lots but my kids are having a hard time saying it, and honestly sometimes I do too!  Let me show you some pictures of her and some names we like and  you give us your opinion.  What should we name this sweet girl?









What else are cute dog names?  Something different, but not crazy.  Something manly but still girly!