I mentioned that we worked on our budget this weekend. One thing that happens when we do that is that we realize we eat out way too much! I’m a sucker for a good meal that someone else makes and someone else cleans up!

Anyhow we’re back to menu planning and not making fancy recipes each night! Going simple for a while! I love it! When Aaron’s out of town simple works for me. He’s the one that makes the elaborate delicious meals that have 100 plus ingredients! I love when he’s home and cooks!

Anyhow this week the boys and I will eat simple!

Sunday – 15 bean soup

Monday – Ravioli and peas and fruit – yeah i’m eating out with a friend so this is all for the kids!

Tuesday – Black beans & rice (out of a box), fruit and corn on the cob – I know odd combination, but it works for the boys and I!

Wed – crockpot lasagna and salad – i found this crockpot lasagna online somewhere and I can’t remember where so sorry I’m not linking to you. (Christine I thought it was you, but couldn’t find it on your blog)

Thur – leftover bean soup & salad

Fri – a frozen stir fry & veggie meatballs – once again a weird combo, but that’s how we roll!

There you go. What are you eating this week?

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