I recently was talking to a mom who was about to find out the sex of her baby.  I was of course asking all the normal questions about what she would name her kids and she asked me how we picked our kids names.

I think it's funny because most of our kids names are just because we liked them.  Each of them have special middle names and I love that, but first names were just ones we loved.

Cayden James – Cayden was in a baby book I'm sure.  He was almost named Addison.  James is my Grandpa's middle name, and who I'm also named after.  My grandpa is one of  my favorite people ever to know.  I'm honored to be named after him, and one day I hope Cayden knows what an honor it is for him to be named after Frank James Self as well.

Amos Dowensky – Amos was a name we loved and also a totally awesome person in the bible.  Dowensky is Amos' name that his mom in Haiti gave him, and we wanted him to have that forever.  It's a big part of who he is.  The other name I wanted was Theo.  Aaron told me everyone would think Huxstable.  I think all of us in our 30's would have, but none of his friends.  Anyhow, he's such an Amos and not a Theo!

Deacon Aaron – I think I read about the name Deacon in People magazine because Reese Whitherspoon has a son named Deacon that's a few years older than our Deacon.  Everyone we told only had one frame of reference, and that was Deacon Jones.  This was our first child through adoption and we wanted him to truly know that he was his father's child and had all that came with a family, and so he has his daddy's name as his middle name.  The other name in the hat for him was Grayson.  He's so a Deacon!

Story Magda – Ah this pains me that I'm not sure where we got Story's name.  I truly think I also read it in a magazine.  How can she only be five and I've already forgotten this?  Her middle name is also the name that her mother in Haiti had given her.  Except her mom had an extra “r” in there.  Margda.  Weird, I know.  I hated to change it, but we droped the “r”.  I absolutely am in love with her name and feel that it sums up her so well.  God will for sure forever be writing an amazing story in her life.


That's where our kids got their names, where did your kids get their names?