I love when people adopt.  I love it even more when people I know adopt.  I love it even more when people we do life with adopt.  That's just what is happening tomorrow (Wed the 10th) when the Otts arrive home with their new son, Shimelis, and become a party of five!


My kids are super excited about this because Cash's brother is finally coming home and it's a new friend for them.  Amos has already declared that he will be his best friend.  I secretly love that so much because in my eyes these two boys have so much in common.  Both black.  Both adopted.  Both over 4 when they came home.  Both remember their first home.  It seems like they will have a special bond.  I hope I'm not putting too much pressure on Amos to be a good friend to him!


Anyhow … join us in celebrating with the Otts as they bring home the newest member of their family!



Next time we take all these crazy kids to the bowling alley there will be one more kid in this picture!!!