I feel as though I am ALWAYS organizing toys. Seriously how often does a toy find the perfect home only to never be seen there again! We have been trying to downsize on toys. We never want to look around and say how the heck did we get all these toys that the boys never play with. So, after each birthday and Christmas we always go through and pack up to give away. #1 this is teaching them to share and give to the needy (not that they understand now, but if it is a habit and practice in our family one day they will) and #2 it keeps their bedroom/play room from becoming over crowded with STUFF.

So, I went through last week and boxed up lots of toys and books to take to a shelter soon. I was still left with unorganized stuff. It seems as though once they get playing stuff is everywhere and then they don't know what to play with b/c toys are just all around them. So, I bought a few bins today and took off the bedskirt on Deacon's crib and the room is a different room now! We have storage under D's bed that the boys can access and things are put away when they aren't in use!

I even went around the room tonight with Cayden and told him where everything went. He followed along and even interacted with questions about where stuff went. I think he was really listening and taking it all in! One of our goals is to eliminate useless piles – like for instance I found pieces for Mr. Potatoe head and Elmo (potatoe head like thingy) all over the house in four different baskets. That drives me insane! The kids will dump all the baskets out and pieces are everywhere but they don't go to anything. Not now – there is a bin under D's bed with Mr. Potatoe head, Elmo-head and all their facial expressions! I love it! All of the LittlePeople stuff is in one big bin! Yeah!

Jamie Ivey