Do you ever feel as though everything is piling up and at any moment will all come crashing down on you?  As if one little thing could cause a huge disaster.  One small move and the flood gates open on top of you.  I'm not speaking spiritually here people, I'm speaking closets!  I feel as though at any moment all the C-R-A-P that I “store” at the top of closets in our house is going to come crashing down on me.  It is a task that I do NOT look forward to accomplishing.

The thing is that in my house for me to sort and organize means that I also have to clean.  It seems as though it is a never ending battle.  For me to clean out and put in bins and sort means I need garage space.  Have you seen our garage lately?  Let's just say that Aaron and I are not the best garage keepers!  We don't have a car in there, but we have tons of C-R-A-P in there.  We have stuff we love, stuff we want to give away, stuff we don't have room for, trash, stuff for Haiti, junk, high school yearbooks, and lots of C-R-A-P!

I also envision my house being all organized in bins and drawers with everything labeled!  I want a label machine.  Anyone think it is worth it?  I tried to explain to Aaron that if he bought me a lot of tubberware bins of all sizes and a label machine I could have this house organized in a weekend!  He isn't buying it!

I would label batteries, glue, dish towels, kids medicine, stationary, stamps, socks, underwear, bills, give away bin, birthday cards, soap, toothpaste, dog bones, tea lights, matches …. the list could go on for days.  EVERYTHING would have a spot and EVERYONE would know where it was!  Oh the joy that would bring me!  I actually wish I could go away for a weekend and come home to an organized house. If someone would do it ALL for me and get me started I could keep it up.

So, this weekend will be full of cleaning, sorting, throwing away, organizing, redistributing, and simply getting my house in some sort of order. We plan on putting our house up for sale this Spring to make way for the two more children that will be joining us in a year.

So, stay tuned for your weekend excitement of the Ivey household becoming organized!   I should go now … laundry, dishes, poop in Carson's crate, closets and the mop are calling my name today!