This morning while getting ready for school Story threw a fit about not wanting to wear a jacket.  Then she threw a fit about me packing her lunch for her last night without her.  Then she threw a fit about me making her come to where I was sitting to help her with her shoes.

Do you see a pattern here?  She was losing it.  I told her that I was not leaving to take her to school with her acting like that.  We would wait until she got herself together.  Well by this point we are late.  I'm willing to wait though.  This has happened once before and I sat right in front of her until she got herself together and then we left, and yes we were late.

Finally we made it to the car and on the way to the car she threw a fit because I tried to help her get her backpack off.  Poor girl can't climb into my big ole' car with a big ole' bag attached to her.  I was helping, and she was not having it.

I tell her that I will stay home with her to nap.  As we were driving I thought to myself, I keep saying that I will keep you home from school to nap (which is equivalent to telling her that I'll cut both her arms off with my teeth) but I never do.  I mean that changes my day up to, so it's not so easy to just change things around like that.  Not like I had nothing planned for the day!  She always ends up at school, even when fits are thrown.  This is not every day for sure, but a hand full of times since July this has happened, and so today I did.  I turned our car right back around and we marched to her room and got her in bed.

As I was doing that and she was screaming I wondered if I had made the wrong call.  Is preschool more important?  I think not, but still I'm second guessing myself.  I just know that if I always make empty threats to my kids, my word won't mean as much to them.  When I tell them that if they disobey I will keep them home from something then I need to be willing to back that up.  I know that maybe you shouldn't keep your kids home from school, but she's FOUR for the love, and that was so devastating to her.

I'm hoping that this time of me following through with my words will help in future times when she's having a melt down because she didn't get her way.  It's so hard to not get what we want, when we want it, all the time.  Being four is hard.

So, did I do the right thing, or should I have taken her to school?  What would you have done?

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