I was outside with Carson a few minutes ago and I heard a loud truck around the corner and I wondered if it was THE fedex that I was looking for. Then I didn't see it and so I realized it wasn't THE fedex truck I was hoping it was.

Then I heard it again … and yes it was coming towards my house and then it stopped right in front of me. I had the biggest smile on my face as the nicest fedex man walked up to my front door with THE package that I was looking for. I told him he was bringing me something very important and he wished me a very Merry Christmas.

YES it is here. THE package I was hoping it was. Our documents have been through the Haiti embassy and they have put their stamp of approval on our documents and now they are ready to head to Haiti. Yeap they are ready to get out of my house!!!

We now need to get all the papers together in order, make five copies of EVERY piece of paper (4 to send to Haiti and 1 for me to keep, just in case) and then fedex them to Haiti. You think I can get this done before the end of the year? YES!!!

Check out the border on the right and I've updated the timelines. I now have a timeline for our paperwork in Haiti. I think these are all the steps that our papers have to go through before our kids can come home. If there are any Haiti adoptive parents out there that can correct anything I have wrong on the stages let me know. 🙂 I've also changed the other timeline that I had going to the “dossier preparation timeline” since we're almost done with this part.

Oh I'm so happy! I have gotten teary eyed a few times while cooking cornbread (for my dressing that I'm making tomorrow … more about that another day!) today just thinking about how close we are to having our stuff down there. How I will get to hold my kids in less than 18 days. How I will be in their home country so soon. How we are now starting a new timeline of our papers going through Haiti. We have so much ahead of us, but right now I'm celebrating our accomplishment of almost having this paperwork done and in Haiti!