Does it make me a bad mom to say that my kids are driving me crazy? I mean really only one. I will not name which one to conceal his identity, but you could probably take a guess. He has wanted me to hold him all day long and that is not physically possible some days.

When we have school days he naps from about 11-1. Sounds good,except at home we nap from about 1-3. That means on school days he is SO tired by about 4, and so hungry by 4 that our house is miserable from 4-7!!!

I did do something for the first time ever tonight though …. I cooked on the grill! Did you get that? I, myself, on my own cooked some sausage on the grill tonight! It was so much fun and I love it! I had to call Aaron about a billion times to ask questions. He thought it was hilarious!

Okay back to my whiny, cranky Little Boy. Oh did I just give away his identity. Ooops. Sorry, baby boy! Oh well … he is our BEST sleeper of the two boys and he is crying tonight wanting EVERY book off the bookcase in his bed with him. Where does he think he is going to sleep? I have limited him to two and they can't be the HUGE big books either. So, he is not happy with me.

You know what I do when I have a “bad” day …. I eat. Isn't that lovely. I eat crazy stuff. For example, toinght I had dinner with the boys at 5 – who eats then??? – and now that I just went through the whole crying phase with wanting every book in the bed, I need some food loving! To make me feel better, I cut up a nice, fresh, bright red tomatoe and COVERED it with salt, pepper and shredded parmesean cheese. Oh my it was so good! I ate it all until my stomach was hurting! But, Little Boy is now asleep, I'm enjoying The View from today, and waiting for Grey's to record for about 20 min on Tivo so I can skim through all the commercials!

So, if you need a food pick me up go ahead and try my tomatoe and cheese recipe. So good. Aaron thinks I'm disgusting …. BUT he has never tried it either!

Jamie Ivey