We were  leaving the house this morning and Cayden told me that he had a secret to tell me.  He smiled real big, got closer to my ear, and then whispered that he hadn't washed his hair in over a week.  He giggled as I gave him the you-are-a-crazy-boy look.  He ran off to get in the car still thinking his confession of only getting his hair wet in the shower and not actually washing it for over a week was super funny.

I stopped in my tracks and watched him run to the car and it hit me.  One day that same little boy who just giggled about never washing his hair will drive me insane with the amount of time he'll spend in front of the mirror to get his hair looking perfect.  He'll wear so much cologne that we will all be gagging as he walks through the room.  He will care that his clothes are wrinkled and won't be stuffing his pants in his drawers to see how many he can fit in there with no regard for what they may look like when they come out.  He will one day actually want to brush his teeth and I won't have to remind him constantly to eat with his mouth closed.

One day my little boy will grow up.

In that moment I didn't tell him he had to wash his hair every night.  I let it go.  I let him have dirty hair and I love it, because that means he's still my little boy.  Time will solve this and one day he'll want to wash his hair and when that day comes, he will not be my little boy anymore.

Until then, dirty hair is what I will love.