This time tomorrow I will already be in Miami and on a plane to Port-au-Prince.  I will be on my way to hold my babies.

No, I'm not ready.  No, I'm not packed.  I keep receiving stuff from people and am so thankful, but have no idea where it will go!!!  Isn't that a wonderful problem to have!!

I'll fill you in more tonight as I will be completely packed.

To do today:

Kinko's – copies of our passports, DL, social security cards

Target – exchange dress, buy mixer for Lori & Licia, soccer ball for Amos, pump for the ball

Starbuck's – visit Aaron and get lots of caffeine

Church Office – pick up donations!

Jimmie & Laura's house – pick up skirts that she said I can borrow for trips

Clean – upstairs b/c I have crap everywhere and Aaron keeps saying a “haitian hurricane” has come through!

Pack – boys will stay at Shingleton's tonight since we must leave our house about 4am tomorrow!

Gotta go – LOTS to do in the next 12 hours ….

Jamie Ivey