When I started this blog who knows how many years ago I intended to document every single funny thing my kids said or did. Then I had four kids and life got crazy. Sometimes things happen and I tell myself I will blog that, then I think that no one that reads my blog cares. Then I think that I don't care if they don't care because it's my blog and I can do whatever I want!

So, I have to tell you what my kids said last night and I think that at least three of you that read this truly love my kids and will crack up at these two things.

First we had a neighbor friend over playing last night in the back yard and I overheard a conversation between her and Story. She pointed to the back house, and asked Story who lived there and without even a slight hesitation Story said “my dad and Jeremy” and kept on going. I was cracking up. Of course Aaron doesn't live there, it's just his studio where I do think he's been spending quite a few hours back there working on the Austin Stone live album that comes out in December, and Jeremy truly does live there.


Second thing that happened. I had turned on football last night and was really enjoying the OU/FSU game. Did you see it? It was really good. Anyhow we were all huddled around the tv when FSU's Kenny Shaw was brutally hit and knocked unconscious. I actually had to explain unconscious to the boys. Then we talked about being paralyzed and all those scary things that you think about when a player is down on the ground for that long. My kids actually saw me cry when they carried him out on the stretcher and he lifted his hand up to the crowd. Oh that gets me every single time.

At dinner I overheard Deacon and Cayden having a conversation about football. Cayden has played 2 years of flag football and we took this Fall off. We need a calm time. 🙂 Now my kids are wishing they were playing and it's too late to register. Oh darn! Anyhow … they were talking about that hit and Deacon said “I want to play tackle football when I get bigger” and Cayden looked at him and said “are you crazy, did you see that guy get hit, I want to be in the band!”. OH guys I nearly lost myself.

You see, nothing against being in the band at all. I just never was. I was an athlete. Aaron was drum major. We always have funny conversations about band vs. sports. I truly will let my kids do whatever they want, but if I was truly honest before you and God I would admit that I have prayed that my boys play football. Oh and one time I just might have begged God to let them play college football. I mean if it's his will, of course! Oh gosh I admitted that. I'm awful! Straight out awful.