Getting away for the weekend just isn't like it used to be. Now when we get away I'm having to get my four kids off to 19 different places over four days just to make sure they are all taken care of. I mean who really wants four extra kids for the weekend!!!

Tonight as I was making out the schedule I was wondering if I was just a prepared mom, or a mom that can't leave w/out telling you exactly where everything is, i.e PSYCHO MOM.   I mean for the love I left our dentist number just in case. I mean truly in this day and age you never know when a kid will fall down on the cement driveway and knock 7 teeth out and need emergency surgery that same day! If that happens, the people that will be watching my kids will have the dentist phone number!

As I am packing tonight I'm finding something out about myself. I only have about 5 cool outfits and they seem to accompany to any outing that I might go to. I have also learned that I can put fish-net tights and boots with just about any of my outfits and call it a night! That makes me happy!

Hopefully when I put my tights and boots on I don't look like this:

Although if I did I'm not sure anyone in NYC would even notice!

We are going to be eating at some fabulous restaurants and the hotel we are staying at is one Aaron and I have stayed at before and loved it!

Oh this weekend is much needed for us. We value time away from kids. We value time alone. We value time away from “life”. I pray that as we go away that our kids are loved on and cherished by friends of ours. I pray that Aaron and I can reconnect and love on each other well. I pray that we are filled with couple time.  I pray there is an iron in our room because I stuffed as much as I could in my little free suit case (thanks Jet Blue!).

Here are some of the places we'll be going:

Shoreham – where we are staying

Ben & Jack's Steakhouse

Norma's at Le Parker Meridien

Don's Bogam



One of the other crazy things about this trip is that my mom, aunt and grandma will be in NYC the same time we will be! How cool is that! They are leaving on a cruise out of Brooklyn on Saturday. I'm hoping that we get to meet up with them while we are there as well!

Jamie Ivey