Day two in New York was great. We actually set an alarm and got up early the next day to go and have breakfast with our friends the Vasser's. I actually had only met JR, but was so blessed to be able to meet his wonderful wife Ginger and two of their three kids that morning. They made french toast for us and we just caught up on life. These people radiate Jesus in their family, parenting, marriage and life. I love when I'm around someone and leave challenged. They did that for me that day, and they didn't even know they were doing it.

JR is the pastor of a church in NYC and it was as if we were visiting a family in another country with all the stupid questions we were asking them about living and doing ministry in NYC. I felt as though we were touring a village pastors house in another country in awe of how they live. Their apartment was indeed small by our standards, but it was so cute and worked well. I loved it. Ginger had it all organized and every spot was used.

After we left their house we walked through Central Park for a while. That was fun and I wish I had a whole day to just chill there. I would bring a book and a blanket and just lay around and read for hours. Then I would take a bike tour of the park and then I would go on a canoe and then at night I would take a carriage around the park. What a fun day it could be all in Central Park!

After Central Park we headed to CNN to meet with Beth who had been our main contact when we did our interview with CNN while we were waiting for Amos to come home. She was so amazing and for some reason has liked us and our story and we've kinda become friends. I was super excited to meet her. What I am going to tell you next might be the funniest story from the entire trip.

As we were walking to CNN Aaron was telling me how last time he was in NYC he had tried to meet up with Beth to meet and hang. I joked that he was hanging out with other women when I wasn't around and I didn't like that. Aaron then reminded me that he was with the band so he wasn't planning on meeting her alone and then he said I had nothing to worry about. You see we have never seen Beth, but have only communicated via email so Aaron googled her name to get a picture of her in case they did meet last time he was there. He told me that he found a picture of her and that she was nothing for me to worry about.

So we got checked in at CNN and I was constantly scanning for someone famous, as if they enter the same way we enter and check in the same way we did! Ha. We were told to head to the fifth floor (and yes I said a Martin joke to the man and he didn't laugh) and wait in the waiting room up there for Beth to find us.

We got checked in up there and made ourselves comfortable on the couches while I continued to scan for Anderson Cooper or Joy Behar. We had been waiting for about 5 minutes when this woman gets off the elevator, briskly walks over to us with the biggest smile and begins to hug us and welcome us to CNN. I was so utterly confused because surely this couldn't be Beth, this woman was BEAUTIFUL and the woman Aaron described was not so much. She was so excited to see us and for about 20 second Aaron and I were so confused as to who this woman was that we probably had the weirdest looks on our faces.

Then we got it and Aaron and I made eye contact and I gave him a look that said “nothing to worry about, ugh???”. At the moment we had a look that no one got and it was so funny to us, because I know what Aaron was thinking and he knew what I was thinking. He was thinking “oh crap, Jamie thinks I've been lying to her”! That whole day we laughed so hard about this, and how Aaron had obviously googled the wrong Beth!

Beth was so amazingly wonderful and gracious to us. I loved meeting her and getting an insiders tour around the floor she works on at CNN. She is beautiful inside and out and was so welcoming to us and our story.

After that we walked around town looking for my mom and grandma because randomly they were also in town on vacation. We never found them, but eventually got our first taste of street food as we caught the subway back to our hotel.

That night we had Korean BBQ for the first time and loved it. We also went to see Billy Elliot, which I enjoyed as well. Afterwards we ate more food and Aaron and I ended up walking home in the wee hours of the morning! Oh we laughed and had so much fun walking through Times Square at that time of night, and even found a street vendor and had more food to end the night with!

*The closest I got to the Statue of Liberty on this trip.

*Our street vendor was so nice. We found out his whole story in the 10 minutes we spent with him!

Day two was so much fun!!!

Jamie Ivey