Ever have one of those days where you just want to close your eyes go back to bed and start over? Today is my day. It hasn't been horrible, just tons of little things one after another. It was all in a span of two hours and I'm happy to say all kids are in bed and I'm relaxing and trying to get my heart rate down.

  1. Woke up Story to find this in her bed …………. IMG_1233 Yes that's a picture frame that was previously on her night stand and yes it is broken and yes that is glass. Lovely. Not sure how this went down, but pretty certain a child, or anyone for that matter, should be sleeping in glass.
  2. Kids were playing cars in the house and things got a little out of control and the truck crashed with the dogs water bowl and shattered it. Again, not a big deal, just one thing after another! IMG_1232
  3. As breakfast was cooking I hear a huge crash and think Story has fallen out of her chair only to find that she has knocked another chair off and broken the top of! IMG_1231
  4. After breakfast I take Story potty and she doesn't go. I remember that and decide we'll try again in 10 min. Five minutes later I find her under the table (her favorite place to do the deed) pooping and peeing everywhere. She demanded that I not look and that it was just water! LOVELY. I threw out the underwear. No desire to clean that out!
  5. I get a phone call from my dad to tell me that him and my mom are heading to hospital because he blacked out and nearly passed out and blood pressure was high. Not feeling well and wanted to go to make sure it was nothing bad. I got that feeling in my stomach that I felt in January when I had a phone call just like that telling me my mom was in the ER having a heart attack. Not the phone calls you want to hear.
  6. Then a simple time out for Amos led to 40 minutes of drama. Time out's. Holding. Fighting me. Screaming. Pulling out my hair. Pinching me. It was for sure an “Amos episode” as we call them and we haven't had one in weeks, maybe even months. I hate them. They drain me physically and emotionally. It is as if it's not him and the look in his eyes is scary. Then all of a sudden it's over and he melts into my body and stops fighting. I HATE them for him and for me. The pain and hurt that leads him there breaks my heart and makes me mad at the same time. IMG_1234 Yes that's a bit of the hair that I pulled from his hands after he pulled my hair out. Lovely! I was so calm. I was proud of myself!
  7. After the episode Aaron calls (he has been calling during the episode but I couldn't answer) to tell me he was in a car wreck. Oh lovely. My heart drops again. He says he is fine but the car is not extremely bad, but not good either. IMG_1235Did I mention he was driving to pick up his car that was left in Austin last night because it wouldn't start. Lovely. Oh and also did I mention that in the past month both of the handles have fallen off of our doors to the van. IMG_1236Oh lovely! I say I'm just trying to keep people from car jacking me when I'm out and about! We have always said we will drive this car until it falls about. We just might be on our way