Anyone ever feel as though life is going on around them but they are just kind of spinning in place not really moving anywhere? That has been me this week. I look back and feel as though I can't get back to normal. I can't do the things I'm supposed to do and can't figure out what my deal is. After getting home from vacation on Monday I don't think much has gotten done around here. Let me list out what has been dragging me down so you'll see what I'm working with …

1. BIGGEST thing – started getting sick in TX and can't shake it. My head feels as though it might explode at any moment! Finally got medicine yesterday – hopefully things will be looking up soon!
2. Haven't ran in ELEVEN days. What the heck is wrong with me? Well, my head feeling as though it might explode at any moment is what is keeping me indoors, and the fact that it is freaking 38 degrees here and it is April 15 – what is that about?? 1/2 Marathon is in 13 days!
3. Laundry is about to take over my house …… enough said.
4. Haven't cleaned the dowstairs bathroom in 2 weeks – GROSS I know!
5. Why is it that 2 adults and 2 children live here and I think I run the dishwasher at least once a day and sometimes twice and it seems as though there are always dirty dishes.
6. I haven't even sat down once to read my bible this week. I think this could be a big factor in my BLAH mood all week. I'm not getting fed by the word and it is bothering me.
7. I attended training this Sat to work in our children's ministry. I am not one that LOVES to work with little kids, but my kids are there and they need help so I feel obligated. I found out Sat that I was teaching the next day (today) Kindergarten and first grade! I was nervous and it went okay. BUT for some reason it drained me and made my head hurt a million times worse!
8. Thought I had a baby sitter for tomorrow night's ladies event and turns out I didn't. Already called 4 baby sitters and haven't found one yet. I NEED a live in nanny!!!!

WOW are you depressed yet? Why am I in such a funk? Could I possibly complain any more?

There might be an opportunity for me next Fall and I haven't heard anything about it and they said they would call Wed. I am over analyzing their lack of calling. Did they hate me? Did they forget about me? Are they that disorganized that I simply fell between the cracks?

I want to design and sell children's t shirts and we have two designs and I want to get moving. This is on my mind lots. I can't wait to share them with you. You all will love them!

Big Boy pooped in his pants and that is really bothering me. Why is he so inconsistent in this area? Is it because he is 3? Ha.

I had four girlfriends over last night and we had dinner and talked and caught up on life and it was wonderful. As bad as I felt and wanted to sleep and be all alone it was worth every minute to have them here. I love my friends. I am thankful for their lives.

So, as I sit on the couch today surrounded by clean laundry to fold and my boys are sleeping I want time to stop. I want everything around me to stop moving and let me have a few days to catch back up to life. Wouldn't that be nice if every 3 months we got a FREE day. A day that no one else moved and we could catch back up with everyone else. I think I'm dreaming. I think that going out of town requires a two week catch up period! I have one more week to catch back up!

I'm sorry if you read this and now are depressed. Actually if you are at the bottom of this I have no idea why you kept reading. My sorrows and complaints are really not for you to be bored with, and as I went back and read this I am seeing how whiny I am being. I promise to be in a better mood with my next post. Today is just not my day!

*UPDATE – okay after I typed this I took a nap. I just woke up and for the first time in about a week when I sat up my head didn't feel as thought it might explode or roll off my neck. Tonight will be a good night!

Jamie Ivey