Tomorrow my firstborn turns FOUR! I can't believe that four years have passed since his birth. Last year I wrote about his birth, so I won't put you through that again, but I do have to tell you a funny story from today.

For a long time we have been talking about how when Cayden turns four he is not going to suck his thumb anymore. It is something we've been talking up around here and suprisingly he has been okay with it. So today at lunch I asked him if he was still up for the deal of getting rid of the thumb. He said yes and was excited about it.

I put the boys down for their nap and when I was putting Cayden down he asked for his monkey. He has had this monkey since he was about 4 months old. His Great Aunt Sarah brought it for him and he just attached to it for some reason. He sucks his thumb and holds the monkey with the other hand and rubs the ear of the monkey. So you see they go hand and hand. If he has the monkey then he is sucking his thumb. He always wants his monkey at bedtime. He used to want it all the time, but now it is limited to bedtime. We have a back up monkey just in case we lose the monkey but he knows the difference when he rubs the ears and won't take it! I used to think it was super cute to hold the monkey and suck his thumb, but now at four we're hoping this practice doesn't go until he is FIVE!

So today at nap time as he was sucking his thumb and rubbing the monkey's ear I reminded him that tomorrow he'll be FOUR and then no more thumb for the big boy! He then throws the monkey on the floor and asked me cover up his arms so he can't suck his thumb! Ha!

I just went to check on him and sure enough monkey is in hand and thumb in mouth! This might be a long process, but we'll work through it. We're not going to pressure him but we will talk about it lots and encourage him so that when he's ready he has our support!

Oh the struggles of being FOUR!