One of my coping mechanisms when Aaron is out of town for a long time is eating.  I know, not the best thing to do when your husband's gone for 2 weeks, but it gets me through sometimes.  I'm what you would call an emotional eater.  When I'm happy, I love to celebrate with eating.  When I'm sad, I love a big plate of greasy nachos.  When the kids are driving me nuts, Sonic makes me happy again!

Before I came to the beach this week I was at home without Aaron for two weeks.  After about 3 days I found myself eating the 4th meal every night after the kids were in bed.  Sometimes it was more like a snack of edamame, or other times it was a whole serving of whatever was for dinner.  Most nights it was chips and salsa.  I LOVE chips and salsa and truth be told, as I type this I'm eating some right now!  I would sit on the couch, watch a weeks worth of “hot topics” from The View and enjoy my “snack”.

Over the weekend I found myself wondering if over the two weeks I had been alone if all my late night snacking had effected me and my body weight.  I have basically been the same weight for years.  It doesn't all go in the same places that it started, but for the most part the number has been the same.

When I met up with Aaron on Sunday I was explaining to him how I was wondering if I had gained any weight and my body felt a little different.  I told him it was probably the birth control that I just started, because I hear it can make you gain a little bit of weight.  (I just got on BC and haven't been on it for about 5.5 years, b/c i hate it and don't want extra stuff in my body …. but we DO NOT want any surprises between now and the time Amos and Story come home!!!)  He looked at me with all sincerity and said “it's probably  not the birth control, but more likely the chips and salsa that you eat every day.”


Did I hear him right?

Did I tell him I think I've gained a few pounds and then he offered a suggestion as to why?

Oh no he didn't!

Note to self men …. we don't want suggestions.  We want one of these answers, “i haven't noticed anything, you look great” or …. well I actually can't think of anything else that we would want.  I wasn't really asking for his opinion or his advice!

Jamie Ivey