For all of you that are wondering and asking … no news on the KVET thingy!  I am so ready to know something.  I feel like I'm on the freaking Bachelor and I have no idea what KVET is telling the other contestants.  One one hand I felt really good when I left there and had great feedback, but on the other hand I'm sure all the others did too.  See, I'm the bachelor contestant who knows nothing about what went on at the other “dates”!

So, no news.  I have two theories about this.

#1 – they have picked someone else and are in the negotiating phase with them now and that's what the hold up is.  All of the ones that aren't picked are just waiting and soon they'll announce the winner and it won't be me.

#2 – they like making us wait.

#3 – ???  what do you think???

I try not to think about it, but the truth is I feel like my life is on hold.  I have two things I'm trying to plan for the month of May and the only answer I can give the people is “well if I get this job then no I can't come to the conference but if I don't get the job then I'm in”.

I just want to know.  Either way.  If I got it then of course I want to know so I can be over the top crazy excited about this new adventure in my life, but if I didn't get it I still want to know so I can go back to my “normal” life and think about this whole thing as a great experience that was lots of fun.  Either way I'm going crazy not knowing.

Then just when I start to go crazy for not knowing I think of my friends in Haiti visiting their son, or my friends that just got word both of their kids passed courts and they will be traveling to Ethiopia soon to get them, or my friend who is with her dad in the hospital, or my friend who just lost her dad in the past few weeks, or all the people in Japan that have lost loved ones recently, or my friends in Haiti that serve tirelessly day after day.  MY JOB AS A DJ MEANS NOTHING COMPARED TO ALL THIS.  That is my perspective for the day!

I promise you guys when I know something I will let you know.  Promise!

Jamie Ivey