Today was a day of fun new things for me. I started my day heading out to met Fabs for a run at Town Lake. I was so exited about this run. Not about running 9 miles, but about running with someone that I would love to get to know better because she just seems like that cool girl that really loves Jesus and would be lots of fun. You know, my type of girl.

Anyhow … woke up to rain. Decided I was already up and I would drive down there anyways because if you live in Texas than you do know that just cause its raining on your porch doesn't mean it's raining down the street. I got all the way to Ceasar Chavez and still pouring and even lighting so I had to turn around. Dang I was bummed.

Got home and helped Aaron with the kids and headed to the gym. I got in a good 4.5 miles and felt great. Not out of breath, legs felt good and I just ran and watched Sports Center. It was glorious!


Here's where my problem #1 comes in for the day ….. After I run all I want is NASTY food. I couldn't stop thinking about Sonic. Have you had their breakfast burritos? Oh my laynta is all I can say about that one. They are divine. I get the deluxe one with no meat of course! I pull up to the window and low and behold they have a new breakfast taco. OH MY GRACIOUS i was excited to try it and it did not let me down. It had chipolte sauce and fried jalapeno strips. I can not even begin to explain to you how good it was. If you have just finished a run and want some nasty-but-oh-so-good food head on over to your local sonic and pray that they carry the limited edition SPICY SOUTHWEST BREAKFAST BURRITO! Don't even look at the chart that tells you how many calories are in that one burrito. Gross. Not right.

After my first great discovery of the day (and problem b/c who needs to eat 699 calories in a breakfast burrito!!!) I headed over to FOREVER 21 in the Domain. I wanted a cute outfit. The t-shirt and jeans look is kinda making me feel more and more momish every single day. I like to think I make a t-shirt and jeans look cool, but let's face it, it is still just a t-shirt and jeans! I set out with Story and we took over this store like a champ. Let me just tell you that this might be the biggest store I have ever been in that is not a department store. HUGE. HUGE. I was a tad bit overwhelmed. I work better when shopping for clothes at stores like GAP. Not very many choices. Basic colors. You know what you're going to get. Forever 21 is the exact opposite. Lots and lots of choices. Too many styles. Way too trendy for me. Most of their clothes are just what they say they are …. for twenty-0ne year olds and NOT for thirty-two year old, mother of four children people!

I have many things I hate about the store. The size of the store was too much for me. The styles are too young for me. The skirts are too short for me. The shirts are too tight for me. The trend is too trendy for me. The sizes are not right people. Just not right. BUT I did purchase my first pair of …. wait for it…. you ready … here it comes …. SKINNY JEANS. I might be taking them back. I'm wondering if the mirrors are made to make you think they look good on you because I have tried on my share of skinny jeans and have yet to find any that look good on me. Most of them are so skinny I have to lather up in grease to get them over my calf. These seemed to glide on smooth.


OH gracious do you hear me talking about skinny jeans. I have lost my mind. I figure I should at least try and find some since my husband looks great in boy skinny jeans. 🙂 Those rock stars. Ugh! You see why I need to have some things in my closet that are more than t-shirts and jeans …. I'm married to a rock star. I can only use the excuse of “well I'm a runner/coach/athlete/mom” for so long in my defense of why I feel the need to wear my running shoes every day!


Although I did read recently that even athletes are wearing skinny jeans! Check out Labron in his!

So I would like to tell you HAPPY FRIDAY and I hope that your day is as good as mine. I bought my first pair of skinny jeans right after stuffing my face with a burrito so nasty but so good that I probably ate back every single calorie I burned in the last month of running. Just not right.

I'm heading out tonight in my skinny jeans. Hope they don't let me down!

Jamie Ivey