I must saw that one thing I am loving about our current adoption situation is the frequency that we receive pictures of our children.  With us knowing about them before our dossier was even down there that brings new emotions as we watch them literally get bigger before our eyes in pictures.  I would not have it any other way though, because I feel like I get to see them from afar and know that they are happy.

This week we received a lot of pictures and I want to share some with you.  This morning I received some from Lori.  She must have gotten these from a family that was recently down there visiting their twins that they are adopting.  Here are two of my favorites:

This is Story and Trey.  Trey is Licia's youngest son and I can not tell you how much he reminds me of my Deacon.  He is the life of the party and always has something going on.  When he would get in trouble when I was there in Jan. it is like he is too cute to get mad at.  Is that Deacon or what???  He is a charmer and a lover.  I loved being around him because he reminded me of Deacon.  He loves Story too.  Look at him and her here together:


Okay anyone else know what I'm thinking here???  I have to get this girl some pink and purple to wear!!!  Ha Ha!  Am I excited to be a mom of a little girl or what??  Aaron is always quick to remind me that the last things these kids need from us is new clothes.  I know I know I know!!!!  Sometimes I just can't help it!!

Here is a sweet picture of our boy Amos.


I can't wait to get LOTS and LOTS of kisses from this guy.  He is going to rock Aaron's world!!!  Love him!

If you know anything about Haiti you know that something is always going to come up so that no process runs smoothly!  Those of you in the adoption world probably consider this an understatement, but that's my impression of things right now.  As I wrote about the other day these things are not making me mad right now, I'm just going with the flow and allowing God to guide my thoughts and attitude.  God is in control.  I must remind myself of that daily.

Anyhow a few days ago we found out that we needed stuff from Amos' grandpa to verify the story of his abandonment.  I  had convinced myself this would take weeks.  I mean this is Haiti.  Well to my amazement he was in town on Tuesday working on his stuff.  He got it all done yesterday and the stuff is now in Barb's hands.  WOW!  I owe a HUGE thanks to Lori for working on this.  Thanks so much!!!

I asked her when gramps was there with Amos if she would mind getting some pictures for me.  She got great ones and I'm so thankful to have these for Amos one day.

Let me remind you that Amos' grandpa is the one that brought him to the RC when he was about 9 months old weighing in at about 14 pounds.  He was literally starving to death.  This grandpa had been caring for him and could not anymore.  From what I remember they are not blood related, but none the less you can see the love that gramps has for Amos.  It is evident in his smiles and touches in the pictures below.  Here is the first picture of Amos and gramps I have when he brought him to the RC almost two years ago.


He cared for Amos when no one else would and for that I'm eternally grateful to this man.  He literally saved his life by bringing him to the RC to get medicine, food, love and eventually a family to love him forever.

Look at Amos and gramps this week.  Also in the picture is an uncle that also came to town to verify the story of how Amos arrived at the RC.


This next one is my all time favorite of Amos and his grandpa.  Look at the way Gramps is holding on to Amos' hand.  That is compassion and love right there.  I love it.  It speaks volumes of this relationship and of his heart.


For gramps to come to town and leave his gardening job costs him $2.05 per day in wages.  He had to pay someone to do his hard manual labor for him while he was gone.  He did this for Amos.  We are grateful.  We will bless this man when we come and visit with some new gardening tools and hopefully some shoes.

I love getting pictures of my kids.  I love watching them grow.  I love seeing them being taken care of.  It makes my heart rest when I worry about them.  I can't wait to see them in May!  I will bring lots of love to them and even a few pink and purple outfits for my baby girl!

Jamie Ivey