How much do I love opening my email to get a new picture of Amos and Story from Lori or Licia. It makes my week!  Thanks girls!

Here's what Lori said to me in an email this week …..

No worries.  You'll see your babies!  🙂  I told Amos that his mama was coming to visit soon.  Not understanding time, he ran to the door.  We keep telling him that his papa and mama are coming to see him and he smiles.  When someone asks where his mama is, he still says “li ale nan machin” (“she went in the car”).  This little guy is smart!  He's so helpful too – puts his dirty dishes in the kitchen, helps me put away the clean clothes.  He LOVES music and always points for us to turn on the radio.  He likes to dance – it's not exactly a cool dance – but he like to move.  Story is sitting up by herself.  Such a big girl.  I SO hate that my video camera is broken.  Rarely cries.  Never closes her mouth & always drooling. (as you could tell by those last photos)  we'll have to work on that.  Amos freely gives Story kisses without us telling him to do it.  Carmelo has been staying with me for the past week and they had lots of time together.

Does that melt your heart or what???  I am so excited to see these kids.  Even more excited after this email telling me that Amos remembers me!!!

Here's who I'm dreaming about tonight:

I like to think he's waving to me!

Oh those lips will be getting LOTS of kisses from her mama and papa soon!  2 weeks until we see our kids!

Jamie Ivey